US-EPA VGP Compliance Monitoring

Vessel General Permit (VGP) compliance monitoring for ballast water management is a critical aspect of ensuring maritime environmental protection. Ballast water, used to maintain stability and trim of ships, can inadvertently introduce harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens into new environments, leading to ecological disruptions and economic losses. The VGP, established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sets guidelines for controlling pollutant discharges from vessels, including ballast water.

Which discharges should be monitored?

VGP compliance monitoring for ballast water typically involves monitoring several key discharges to ensure adherence to regulatory standards. These discharges include:

  1. Ballast Water Discharge: The primary focus of VGP compliance monitoring for ballast water is on the discharge of ballast water itself. This involves assessing the quantity and quality of ballast water released from vessels, including any residual sediments, organisms, or contaminants that may pose environmental risks.

  2. Effluent from Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS): Many vessels are equipped with ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) designed to remove or neutralize harmful organisms and pathogens from ballast water. Compliance monitoring includes evaluating the effluent discharged from these treatment systems to verify their effectiveness in meeting regulatory requirements.

  3. Residual Biocides or Treatment Chemicals: Some ballast water treatment systems use biocides or other chemicals to control the growth of organisms in ballast tanks. Monitoring may involve testing for residual concentrations of these chemicals in discharged water to ensure they do not exceed permissible limits and pose risks to marine ecosystems.

  4. Sediment Discharge: Ballast water often carries sediments and particulate matter picked up from port environments. Compliance monitoring may include assessing sediment discharge to detect the presence of pollutants, heavy metals, or contaminants that could adversely impact water quality and benthic habitats.

  5. Monitoring for Invasive Species: In addition to monitoring physical and chemical parameters, compliance monitoring may involve biological assessments to detect the presence of invasive species or pathogens in discharged ballast water. This helps prevent the introduction of non-native organisms that could disrupt local ecosystems and threaten biodiversity.

Overall, VGP compliance monitoring for ballast water focuses on monitoring a range of discharges associated with ballast water management to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and minimize environmental impacts on receiving waters.


What we Ocean World FZE have to offer?

Unlike other testing requirements for the vessels, such as Bunker Fuel or Lube Oil Sampling/Testing, VGP Monitoring present the following major difficulties:

  • The majority of the analytes to be tested require specific sampling procedures, that marine crews are unfamiliar with.
  • Onboard testing is required for some parameters, such as TRO.
  • Samples for some parameters must be analysed within 8 hours from sampling.
  • Samples must be transferred under specific conditions and preservation.

Therefore, to resolve the above issues, we offer to our clients all-inclusive, turn-key monitoring solutions for the all the aforementioned discharges and specifically:

  • Onboard Attendance for Sampling acc. to ETV Protocol, as well as BWMS code and Field Testing acc. To 40 CFR 136.3 methods
  • Sampling bottles and containers as per VGP methods’ requirements.
  • Transportation of the samples within the required timeframes.
  • Transportation of the samples with the required conditions (preservatives/light/temperature conditions etc)
  • Lab Testing with EPA designated methods (40 CFR 136.3 methods) in Accredited Laboratories
  • Reporting as per EPA requirements
  • Guidance on Regulations – Provision of 30-page Guide
  • Technical Support and Customer Care


Where we offer our services?

We offer services in the vast majority of ports in the below countries.

Area Country
Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, South Korea
Middle East
United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Gibraltar, Italy, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Malta, Portugal
Texas, NOLA, Mobile, Pascagoula, Florida, California, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware
Panama, Canada, Brazil, Jamaica
Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne

Reach Us on +971(55)9923604 | +971(56)3379405

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